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Get Informed



First and foremost, aim to be decent person please. Treat others how you would like to be treated.

  • No spamming.

  • Personal abuse, obscene, harassing, threatening, hateful, discriminatory or defamatory remarks or actions of any nature, including racial, sexual, homophobic or cultural slurs, even in the context of a joke/meme will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban without appeal.

  • #eu1-suggestions, #general & #clips-and-highlights are the only place you’re allowed to post links. #eu1-suggestions is limited to workshop mods and related content.

  • Do not talk about DDOS, hacking or glitching outside of a report ticket. 

  • Do not mass tag (@ roles, everyone, donator, here, etc).

  • No talking about anything that could violate and/or break any Discord TOS.

  • Nicknames containing invisible, unreadable, or unmentionable characters that make chat interaction nearly impossible are not allowed.

  • It is against the rules to advertise third-party servers on our discord, side chat or VOIP.

  • Meta-gaming is defined as using the Built Different discord to group with other players with the expressed intent to betray them. Our discord is a tool we hope you use to meet new people and enhance your gaming experience, but it is YOUR responsibility to vet the player(s) you meet there. Once you leave our discord and join their group, any betrayals are merely group disputes, and we will not get involved. You cannot announce the location of enemies and dead bodies via side chat or discord. You cannot announce players base locations. You can ask players to come to your own location at your own risk, but you cannot reveal the location of other players by revealing your own. (For example: "I just got shot at Tisy"). 

  • English only messages.

Most of these rules are common sense. If a moderator or admin suspects that you're breaking the rules, you will          be dealt with accordingly.


DayZ is an extremely dynamic environment, and it would be impossible for us to spell out every situation or scenario in black and white. If you are unsure if what you’re doing is against the rules, be sure to ask a member of staff.

All of the below are not allowed,

  • Glitching and/or abusing bugs in the game to gain unfair advantage during PVP or while raiding. Example being, forcing your character through a window, doorway, entrance or alike. Logging in and out to view the inside of a players base (this can be seen in logs, along with most things) If it feels like a glitch, it probably is. If you're unsure, create a ticket to discuss with a staff member.

  • Hacking/Cheating - If you are unsure what constitutes as a hack or cheat in an online setting, This wiki explains the term quite well ( Our rule is not limited to the descriptions detailed in this article, any and all forms of hacking or cheating will result in a permanent ban without appeal.

  • Griefing - This is a broad term and is vastly open to interpretation. We define griefing to be irritating, harassing and/or using aspects within the game in an unintended fashion. We treat claims of griefing on a case by case basis and it is up to staff to determine whether the actions of players defines griefing or not. 

  • Combat logging (Logging out before 10 minutes after your last engagement/during a fight).

  • Stream sniping.

  • Safezone strafing (Entering and exiting the safezone to gain an advantage in combat).

  • Scamming. A player trade is defined by a player buying or selling an item for a set price. If either player does not provide the goods for the agreed price, this is a scam. Ensure you know what you're buying or selling and at what price. DayZ is a game of betrayal. We will not enforce the scamming rule for your naivety.

  • Wearing any clothing that has a staff role or name on it.

  • Impersonating staff under any context.

  • Using an alt account to ban evade is not allowed and will result in ban.

  • Deliberately creating toxic situations or debates in order to undermine other players or the staff is not acceptable.

  • Groups may not own more than 2 cars at any one time.

  • No bounty mod abuse: Sitting in the SafeZone whilst bounty is prohibited. Killing your friend whilst they are bounty is prohibited. You can turn your bounty off by pressing "I". This resets upon any new session (Server restarts, crashes, disconnections). You are allowed to sit in your base whilst you are the active bounty, however, other players will be able to see your last known location and you will give away your base location. Just bare that in mind.

  • VOIP/Chat misuse. Rule #1 under "Discord rules" applies here. Please be civil when using VOIP, sperging down the mic and playing your favourite meme compilation full blast is not cool. It's annoying af. Misuse of VOIP is at staff discretion. Rule #3 under "Server Rules" also applies here.

  • Megaphones. Do not abuse the megaphone. They are a fun aspect of the game, I would prefer not to have to remove them. Do not use megaphones in traders.

  • Loot Cycling. Loot cycling is removing all the loot from spawn locations to spawn more loot. Loot cycling is manipulating and exploiting the loot spawn system to your advantage.

  • English side chat only. We understand that players from all over the world join will join our server and so English might not be your first language, but we are an English-Speaking server. English only in side chat please.


We always recommend recording when you’re raiding a base.

In a dispute, evidence is a beneficial part to reaching a decision. We use this in addition to data logs to find out what happened.

  • Realistic raiding. Raiding needs to be done in a realistic way. If your friend is having to shove his head up your ass so you can fit through a seemingly barred window or gap, that is not realistic and is defined as glitching. Common sense applies.

  • Item Stacking. No item stacking (applies to all items), no floating objects. You can only use 1 item (i.e a storage container, military locker, stepladder) during your raid. This must not be clipping or "floating". Buddy boosting (standing on a friends head), watchtowers and vehicles, are all allowed during your raid. Different raid methods can be used at the same time. Example being, building a 3 high raid tower, placing a military locker and buddy boosting can all be done together within the confines of the above.

  • No dismantling through walls or objects.

  • Raid towers have no height restriction.

  • Grief Raiding. Griefing a base includes dropping items out of containers, like tents, to despawn the items the raiders cannot carry. The rule also covers damaging items that cannot be taken or dismantling player built structures that are not blocking loot. You may only take materials from player built structures you have had to break to enter the base. If you entered the base via other means (betrayal) then you can dismantle the route to the loot. Grief raiding is not allowed on our servers as it completely ruins the other people’s hard work. You are only allowed to steal what you can carry as a squad. You can make multiple trips, but no loot should be left on the floor, regardless if you have finished the raid or not.

  • Base Raid Logging. You are not allowed to log out inside any players base without their permission to do so. You cannot use multiple accounts to defend or attack a base. Camping inside another players base is not permitted. You don't live there bro, just take their stuff and leave.

  • Base take-over. If you want to take over another players base, the base must be vacant for at least 14 days. If you think the base is vacant, please create a ticket and an admin will confirm or deny whether a base take-over is permitted.

  • No looting through walls. If you can access loot through an in game structure, through a player made structure, through a tent, through a storage item or by any other means other than direct access, taking this loot is prohibited.

You must be recording in any situation you are inside another player(s) base. This is for your benefit as much it is ours.


  • Realistic Bases. Bases must be realistic. No sky bases. If your base is floating past more than 1 floor length, unsupported, it is not realistic.

  • Military zones. No Building within 1000m of NEAF/NWAF/Balota/Tisy/Troit(Kamensk)/Zeleno/Rify/VMC/Altar. No building in and around all other military areas (200m from closest military building/not the walls).

  • High Tier loot. No building in police stations, black market, other high tier loot buildings such as Oil Rigs and Barracks.

  • SafeZones No building near SafeZones (1000m of Green Mountain, 1000m of Klen, 1000m of BM).

  • Roads & Bridges. No building/blocking main roads or bridges.

  • Water. No building on water.

  • Tents. No using tents to block base entrances/door ways in houses or buildings. These will be removed without warning. Also, tents have damage enabled, shooting a tent will cause it to ruin and despawn relatively quickly.

  • Sky bridges. No sky bridges.

  • Watchtowers. No watchtower stacking past 2 Towers.

  • Height Limit. No building past 6 floors/stories (Half walls are considered 1 story). You can build on your base on top of a roof, 6 floors high, within the confines of every other rule.

  • In map structures. You are not allowed to exceed 2 in-map structures. An apartment building is defined by the entrances. 1 entrance = 1 apartment building. You may not block off ALL entrances to any 1 apartment building.

  • Base limit. Groups are allowed no more than 1 main base and 1 small stash base. Your base(s) must be at least 500m away from each other.

  • Walling off the environment. No walling or fencing in structures to exceed two in-map buildings, excluding small sheds and outhouses.

  • Free Standing Bases. Free-standing player-made buildings may not exceed 8x8x6 for main bases; 2x2x2 for stash bases. These may not be connected by a bridge. Free-standing player-made buildings can be fences in, but must not exceed one wall length in distance from said structure.

  • Wall stacking. You can stack walls on top of each other however you MUST keep a walkable gap between fences on the ground; applies to both gates and walls (Like this |_|. Not like this ||).

  • Unraidable Bases. It's not allowed to build your base so it's unraidable.

  • A base is defined as follows:

- A base needs to be codelocked. No codelock, no base. It is simply a structure and cannot be claimed as a base.

- If your base has multiple entrances, you must secure all entrances in order to claim it as a base.

- If you secure two entrances and leave one open, this is not a base.

- If a base only has one entrance and is codelocked, this is a base.

For example, if you intend to use the top and bottom floor of a 'Piano' building, which has three entrances, you must secure all three entrances. If you intend to use only the top floor of 'Piano', you only have to secure the one entrance.

If you're unsure of how many entrances you need to secure in your future base, create a ticket.

Additional info: You do not need a landclaim kit for your base (however, it is advised!). Your base will not despawn regardless of owning a landclaim.

Staff reserve the right to ban people for situations not listed in these rules.

We are players too, we understand your frustrations, we've been there ourselves. We always aim to reach a fair decision, all we ask for is your patience and understanding. Thanks for playing on the Built Different server!