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Get Informed



This server was built because I believe my team and I can do a better job than other servers. A lot of consideration has gone into the ruling, the spawn rates, and the overall balance of the server. This server was built with the mindset of what we enjoy about DayZ. As time passes, ruling and server amendments are subject to change and are not set in stone. We believe in being adaptable and aim to ensure quality is held at the the highest standard.

We will get raided, just like you, and we will raid, just like you, we will do loot runs, just like you, we will PvP, just like you. However, whilst we are in the game, admin privileges will only be used to assist players in need. Please do not expect to be assisted immediately just because we are in the game. We might be at NEAF looting or having fun in PVP too! We strongly believe in a fair game at all times. There is absolutely no point in playing if we use admin tools to benefit ourselves, because we love DayZ and respect our players.

If an admin assists you with anything base related, your base will be blacklisted. This means that your base will not be raided by any staff. The blacklist is only available to staff. As we will have additional information, we believe this to be unfair against our players.

As a personal note from me, I feel admins should actively play the game, not only to help players, but to effectively manage their server. The game is dynamic, and is subject to constant change. How can an admin who plays once a month have any conceivable idea of what is working and what isn't? Admins need to be able to relate to it's playerbase, the most effective way to do that is to be a part of that playerbase too.

I fully expect to be raided and to be killed. I am the server owner and I'm simultaneously a player too.


1. Close out of DZSA launcher

2. Close steam

3. Open steam

4. Open DZSA launcher

5. Hit settings in DZSA launcher

6. Click at the bottom "Verify All Steam Workshop Mods"

7. Go to steam downloads

8. Watch the downloads flash, and wait until it's done validating and updating. It may not look like it's doing nothing. but give it some time

9. Repeat 1-4

10. Log into the server

If you are still receiving a PBO error after following the steps above, try the second solution:

1. Make sure you have already tried the first solution above before trying this as this will make you redownload all mods

2. Close DZSA launcher

3. Open steam game library

4. Find DayZ and right click then select "Properties"

5. Click "Local Files" then click "Browse Local Files"

6. File Explorer will open > Delete the "!dzsal" Folder

7. Go back two folders - From DayZ > Common > Steamapps

8. You should now be in the "Steamapps" folder

9. Open "Workshop" folder > Open "Content" Folder > Delete "221100" Folder

10. Log into server

11. Open DZSA launcher

12. Hit settings in DZSA launcher

13. Click at the bottom "Verify All Steam Workshop Mods"

14. Go to steam downloads

15. Watch the downloads flash, and wait until it's done validating and updating. It may not look like it's doing nothing. but give it some time.

16. Open DZSA launcher

17. Hit settings in DZSA launcher

18. Click at the bottom "Verify All Steam Workshop Mods"

19. Go to steam downloads (If its not downloading you may need to close DZSA and force the download)

20. Watch the downloads flash, and wait until it's done validating and updating. It may not look like it's doing nothing. but give it some time.

21. Log into the server


You didn't have sufficient proof. We strongly advise recording your gameplay. If you weren't able to provide us with clear valid proof in the form of a recording, you will not receive compensation for any lost items during things like: Your gear lost in a crash caused by our servers, or any other various similar situations. It's always good to record, even for 60+ seconds before you get off of everything in your base/inventory or have a program (like OBS or ShadowPlay) that can record the last 5 minutes. Provide us the proof, we'll provide the compensation. If you lost 250k rubles and don’t have proof, don’t expect us to compensate you! Recording at 720p30fps or even lower on OBS for hours won't take up more than 3-10GB of storage and is worth it so you can be compensated in all situations that require video and can even be ran on low-end PCs. It's not that we don't trust you, it's just something we ask from everyone with tickets/cases that pertain to situations that require video for fairness to all community members.

Clarification (crashes): Crashes require a video of before the crash, during the loading in, and what was lost after with no cuts for compensation.


Shoot the tent, as of 1.05 shooting and blowing up tents will cause them to despawn in a fairly quick amount of time.

An admin can help you by getting on, deleting the tent, and replacing it however do not expect it due to a backlog of support issues. The fact that the issue was caused by your own mistake, and the fact it can be fixed by yourself by shooting it, so chances are an admin will help you are slim, just shoot the tents.


An admin can help you by getting on and deleting the item. We ask that try to resolve the issue yourself, however, we know this isn't always possible. You may have to get creative in order to dismantle the item. We've had situations where we've had to buddy boost, build raid towers, even C4 our own building mistakes. This is very annoying, having to raid yourself. We get it. We will help where we can, but do not expect it due to a backlog of support issues. The fact that the issue was caused by your own mistake, and the fact it can almost always be fixed by yourself, these types of issues are low-priority.


Check the tent door flap and see if it is missing. You will know if it is missing if you cannot open/close the tent. If your tent door flap is missing, the game will think the tent door is closed and won’t let you interact with the tent’s contents. This is a game bug. You will need to shoot the tent up to ruin it and cause it to drop its contents.


Remember, using a vehicle is always at your own risk. In the current version of DayZ, we do not recommend anyone to use a vehicle! If your character dies or bugs out because of a vehicle, we will not compensate for this. Tickets regarding vehicle related issues will be deleted.

Against all warnings, you tried to use a vehicle and ended up underground or in the middle of the ocean or even dead?

If relogging doesn't bring you back to solid ground, you are pretty much out of luck. If an admin is available, you may be TP'd back to the safe zone.

We strongly advise finding a safe place and stopping the vehicle, getting out the vehicle and logging out of the game, pending a restart. Rollbacks are nasty and cause some big problems, even more so when it comes to vehicles.

I have no intention of removing vehicles, as the community like them despite their buggy nature. If, however, there comes a time where vehicles are impacting server performance or deem to be an unstable asset, I will.


For these cases, video evidence is your best friend. Before you buy, make sure you have enough room in your inventory, we recommend having extra room in your backpack. If you end up being scammed and have a way to prove it, please make a ticket and we will get it sorted out. We don't compensate for lost items/money without proof.


Breaching Charge Mod - Configuration

The Built Different servers are C4 only raiding.

Regular Breaching Charge:

Time to plant: 30 seconds

Time to explode: 3 minutes

Damage: 1

Heavy Breaching Charge:

Time to plant: 30 seconds

Time to explode: 3 minutes

Damage: 2

Wooden fence: 1 Regular Breaching Charge

Half wood/half metal: 1 Regular Breaching Charge

Full metal: 1 Heavy Breaching Charge BBP T1: 1 Regular Breaching Charge BBP T2: 1 Heavy Breaching Charge BBP T3: 2 Heavy Breaching Charge

You can place Regular Breaching Charges and Heavy Breaching Charges on all building tiers, meaning you can use 2 Homemade Breaching Charges and 1 Heavy Breaching Charge to destroy a T3, for example.


Charcoalpowder + Sulfur Powder = Gunpowder

5x Gunpowder + Burlap Sack = Explosive

Explosive + Radio = Regular Breaching Charge

Detonator + C4 Sticks = C4 with no wiring

C4 with no wiring + Electronic Repair Kit = Heavy Breaching Charge

All raid items can be found in the environment. They also spawn in airdrops and bounty rewards. You can buy certain raid materials at the BM.

You can use Hacksaws to raid codelocked tents - Raid time: 15 minutes.


You probably have DayZ installed in two different places.

1. Open DZSA launcher

2. Settings

3. Open DayZ folder

4. Take note of where it is located

5. Go to steam

6. Right click DayZ

7. Properties

8. Local files

9. Browse local files

10. Make sure they are the same location


Server restarts occur every 4 hours at the below times

04:00AM (GMT)

08:00AM (GMT)

12:00AM (GMT)

16:00PM (GMT)

20:00PM (GMT)

12:00PM (GMT)

Steam and Steam Workshop mods require updates. The server may restart outside of these times to accommodate for that. The server continuously checks for these updates and unfortunately, I'm unable to know when they release a new update. This does mean that sometimes a scheduled update occurs and 30 minutes later an update is required, resulting in 2 server restarts in a short period of time.

Server checks, update is found, server restarts.

There are occasions where manual restarts need to happen in order to update changes. If a manual restart needs to happen, you will be informed prior.

Why do the servers crash?

Major DayZ updates, new patches, player base, player bugs, item bugs, the list is endless. We can view log crashes, but cannot change the past. Crashes are not our fault. DayZ is a broken game, but we still love it.

I can only apologise for any inconvenience caused <3


  • Meth: 4500

  • Cannabis: 5000

  • Skunk: 7500

  • Blue: 15000

  • Kush: 22500

  • Future: 30000

  • S1: 35000

  • BlackFrost: 45000

  • Stardawg: 55000

  • Nomad: 65000

  • Coca: 90000


  • Klen Trader - 11477.8, 341.9, 11341.6

  • Green Mountain Trader - 3706.7, 402.0, 5984.8

  • Torolniki - 3084.5, 209.1, 12673.4

  • Stary Sobor - 6049.0, 301.0, 7840.4

  • Vybor - 3841.8, 311.3, 8874.8

  • Mogilevnka - 7525.5, 214.0, 5155.1

  • Zelenogorsk - 2670.2, 205.6, 5290.3

  • Vystovo - 5710.7, 62.3, 2446.0

  • Dubovo - 6540.6, 62.2, 3546.6

  • Chernogorsk - 6384.5, 15.6, 2861.1

  • Electro - 10428.8, 6.1, 2373.9

  • Solenechny - 13421.9, 5.8, 6273.5

  • Berizino - 12113.3, 12.3, 9770.5

  • Olsha - 13336.7, 95.5, 12893.2

  • Novomitrovsk - 11847.0, 33.4, 14355.9

  • Kalinovka - 7609.8, 195.9, 13372.0

  • Kamenka - 1848.8, 6.3, 2239.1

  • Staroye - 10111.5, 246.4, 5541.7


Spawn rate: Every 2 hours.

Activates when 50+ players are on the server.

There are 4 airdrop types:

Military Weapons

- AA12


- M240

- M249

- Barrett

- 50 Cal ammo

- .408 ammo

- .338 ammo

- RGD5 Grenade

- M67 Grenade

- M4A1


Raid Supplies 

- Pliers

- Hatchet

- Screwdriver

- Burlap Sack x2

- Electrical Repair Kit

- Hacksaw

- Handheld Transceiver x2

- Charcoal Powder

- Sulfur Powder

- Gunpowder x2

- Detonator

- C4 without wiring


- Coca Bag x4

- Meth x2

- Kush Brick

- Skunk Bag x5

Building Supplies

- Hammer x3

- Handsaw

- Shovel

- Axe

- Planks x20

- Metal x20

- Nailbox x4

- Camonet

- Codelock x2

- Military Crate

- Gun Cabinet


Bounties activate every hour.

Bounties only activate when 50+ players are on the server.

Bounties are not shown on the map. If you are inside your base when the bounty activates, your base location will not be revealed! Winning.

Bounties last for 45 minutes to accomodate the removal of map reveal.

Bounty rewards spawn at your feet.

Bounty rewards

- Future weed brick

- RGD5 Grenade x3

- Gunpowder x2

- Homemade explosive (without radio)

- Detonator

- Handheld Transceiver


Server wipes happen in a few ways.

1. When major DayZ updates are released.

2. When major bugs or issues severely impact server performance.

3. When a poll is initiated; populous vote wins.

There is no set time or date for wipes. However, whenever I feel a wipe is necessary and/or needed, players will be informed in good time.

Other server owners/admins worry too much about losing players pending a wipe. I feel that players who are well informed and kept up to date with changes will stay loyal to the server they choose to play.

If you are informed of a wipe in good time, you can decide to build that base or not, do that loot run or not, waste that C4 or not.

The day before a wipe, I will give every player 500,000 rubles to do whatever they want with. Buy every car in the game and drag race at NEAF or buy every gun at the trader, you do you.